Yoga found me 4 years ago and I've been practicing regularly ever since.  I loved yoga immediately for its ways to help stretch, relax and calm me. Yoga changed my life and made me more aware of my body and my breath and has helped me grow and change as a person on and off my mat.  About a year after I began practicing I signed up to take my first teacher training, wanting to dive deeper into different aspects of yoga and grow my own practice.  I am trained in vinyasa, which is the style I teach and the style that is my favorite to practice.  Always wanting to learn and grow, I have furthered my knowledge, and been trained in other parts of yoga, including more about the yoga sutras and 8 limbed path, Kriya, (repetitive movements, mantra and/or breath) and meditation.  In my class I hope you will find a mind, body and breath connection, be challenged as you move and also be challenged in times of stillness.  MomentOm has been a wonderful home to practice and connect and I am thrilled and honored to be part of the team.