My personal journey of transformation landed me on a yoga mat. Yoga gave me tools for my own life and continues to be the venue where I practice and apply what I learn. The tools I’ve acquired through this practice are simple: a connection to my breath, access to my physical body and clarity of mind. Using these tools creates a consciousness from which all other things become possible. Finding this conscious connection so helpful in my own life, I aspire to offer these tools to students and share this potential for awareness. The application starts on the mat as part of a yoga practice, but transcends out of the studio, into life. I teach various forms ofvinyasa yoga (breath with movement), restorative yoga, and meditation and offer hands on adjustments for alignment. I use a coaching technique to implement a healthy, lasting change and to empower students to step back into their health and freedom on and off the mat. I completed teacher training with Tyler Langdale at Yoga Shala and continued my education with Baron Baptiste, Diana Vitantonio and life and health coach, Tony Robbins.