Yoga found me, I've been finding ways to say thank you ever since.   When I stepped onto a mat for the very first time I had no idea, at all, what was waiting for me.  Yoga I've discovered over and over and over again ...doesn't change you, it brings you home.  My desire to teach is in direct proportion to my desire to learn.  For me that's everything.   I always want to grow. Each situation we're in presents an opportunity for growth, it's my firm belief that the tools we gain from yoga (not just the physical practice) but through breath work, meditation....the practice of stillness, all of it---that's where growth lives and that's where we can arrive and begin to know ourselves.  All of the above is what makes me so so passionate about yoga and above all else being fucking human!

From a practical perspective, I'll lead you through asana designed to be held for longer periods of time.  A learning/practice for your physical body so that the muscles, fascia and tendons learn to elongate, re-set and let go.  You can also expect a big huge constant reminder to breathe, lots and lots of breathing! It is after all kinda important.
Lastly expect to be challenged and at times provoked; yoga is hard work!  You finding you is hard work!  I will challenge you to sit in your stillness, question your restlessness and above all else invite you to come home.