The physical aspect of a Vinyasa class is what initially drew me to yoga; it was not until I accidentally walked into a yin yoga class, that my life changed forever. Yin yoga created a safe space for me to open my heart and see myself for who I had become and to decide who I wanted to be from this point on.

 After teacher training, I opened my own small practice inside a wellness center in Roseville, specializing in yin, restorative and hatha yoga classes and workshops. Gradually, I began to offer all levels Vinyasa classes at a few other studios in the area. I am passionate about creating a safe space for intentional breath and movement, to feel and explore without judgement. Trusting that if you simply breathe and feel; you can release unwanted tension, stress and trauma within the body and mind. My hope is for all of you to walk out of the room feeling lighter then when you walked in.

A typical day in the life of Ashton, you can expect to find me practicing yoga, enjoying a juice, smoothie, or coffee. I love to treat myself to baked goods, ice cream, books and baths. I enjoy road trips up to Tahoe or somewhere along the beach or river. I love to travel and hope to find more time to explore new places soon. You can find me teaching at MomentOm and Lighthouse Wellness Center in Roseville; as well as, Carmichael Yoga Med + Fit.

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